Coach (2010)

Hard to care about this ‘Coach’ (2010)

Coach is a straight-to-DVD film by first-time-feature Writer-Director Will Frears. Hugh Dancy is a slacker and soccer bum in New York City. He doesn’t need to work, but he finds romance and purpose when he takes a job coaching middle school kids to the league championship.

The problem is, you don’t care what he does. Some reviews call this a coming of age movie, but it’s hard to care about a guy who’s coming of age at 30. OK, so maybe that applies to a lot of millenials, but it’s just not very engaging movie material. That’s why I fell asleep twice while watching it and had to drink 2 espressos to make it all the way through! The soccer can’t keep you awake either.

Anyhow, Hugh Dancy strikes me as a poor man’s Hugh Grant. The story appears to be somewhat auto-biographical for Frears, as he is the son of a highly successful director but is making pablum like this at 35.

Both Dancy and Frears are British, but it’s in English without any British accents!

4 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 4