Gracie (2007)

‘Gracie’ (2007) – made by people who love the game

Gracie is one of the few fictional movies where the director and producer work hard to make the soccer look authentic. It’s the story of a soccer-crazed family whose first born son dies in high school, so his younger sister Gracie tries to take his place on the boys’ soccer field. In the 1970s in New Jersey, that required invoking Title 9.

Conceived by Andrew Shue (Melrose Place actor and former MLS Galaxy player), the movie is a family-produced affair with famed sister Elizabeth Shue as the mom, and her husband Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) directing. The Title 9 part is loosely based on Ms Shue’s life in that she played on a boys team from age 9-13. …I always wondered how she could juggle a ball in Karate Kid.

The DVD includes a “making of” piece that shows how the soccer choreographer and the director create a realistic high school soccer scene. It’s obvious this movie was made by people who really love the game. Even Dermot Mulrooney knows how to play. And this is the first fictional soccer movie I’ve seen where the referee is actually wearing a soccer referee jersey (but no badge).

So, two points for authenticity, but as a movie, it’s not compelling stuff …but still ok to put on your soccer movie bucket list.

4 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 4