Inspector Mom (2005)

‘Inspector Mom’ (2005) not worth watching

Danica McKellar has grown up from being Winnie on the Wonder Years, to Inspector Mom. This TV movie led to a short-lived series about soccer mom Maddie Monroe, a former police department employee who is a pretty good sleuth on her own, ala Angela Lansbury in “Murder, She Wrote”.

In this pilot movie, the fiery and verbally abusive Colombian soccer coach of Maddie’s daughter’s team is murdered, clobbered with his own megaphone. Turns out that he has been sleeping around with bored soccer moms and other women in the town. His wife attributes his behavior to his sterility… ???.

Anyhow, Maddie finds her husband’s cuff link at the murder scene and wonders if he’s the perp. He had fought with the coach over his treatment of the team (this being Texas, the Positive Coaching Alliance hasn’t yet caught on).

Besides the terrible acting, there is only a miniscule attempt to portray soccer. The girls are shown coming on/off the field or stretching, the coach yells at them with his megaphone, and the referee is of course wearing a black and white striped football jersey. The only thing they got right was the parents’ chairs and umbrellas on the sideline.

4 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 4