My Dad's a Soccer Mom (2014)

Hard to stay awake through ‘My Dad’s a Soccer Mom’ (2014)

My Dad’s a Soccer Mom plays to a stereotype of loud-mouth narcissistic Black professional athletes. When Lester Speight is the star, it’s hard to tell any other story. An NFL linebacker whose contract is not renewed, he ends up playing stay-at-home Dad to his 10 year old daughter.

So this is not really a soccer film. In fact, soccer isn’t even mentioned until halfway through the movie. It’s really about the Dad transitioning from absentee father to Soccer Mom role model, learning to braid hair and fix healthy snacks. Zzzz. 😴🥱

Writer Rhonda Freeman-Baraka (aka Rhonda Baraka) has created a portfolio of movies for UPTV (Uplifting Entertainment) and other family channels. UPTV used to be called GMC (Gospel Movie Channel) and broadcasts Christian content, with a specialty in Christmas films. Baraka’s preference is to tell uplifting stories that show Black families with quality characters. That’s probably why she does not highlight My Dad’s a Soccer Mom on her website.

But if you like UPTV Black role model faith-based films, see On Angel’s Wings

Lester Speight found fame as the Superbowl “Office Linebacker”

Lester Speight came to fame as the Office Linebacker in Reebok ads. It was interesting to learn that the ads originated with a couple of guys who sold Reebok on the idea a year or two after filming them. They became the most popular Superbowl ads ever. Mr. Speight is over 50 years old and has gained about 50 pounds since those ads though. It was hard to accept him as Soccer Dad as opposed to Soccer GrandDad.

5 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 5