World Cup Car Soccer (2006)

Yes, it exists — ‘World Cup Car Soccer’ (2006)

World Cup Car Soccer is a car soccer movie. This is not like Herbie, though. This DVD is JDM Option International Volume 26 and includes a “world championship” of two Japanese teams of 5 cars each playing car soccer (aka Jidousha soccer). I could only watch about 10 minutes of the 75 minute recording, as it got pretty repetitive. They couldn’t establish a winner until only about 3 cars were still drivable.

Strangely, the drivers were operating some fairly large cars — vans and station wagons. I’ve seen stuff on youtube where the competitions are with very small cars, like my Smart Car EV. But the most interesting part for me was that the assistant to the MC was Christelle Ciari, a voice actress who does the English voice for the JR trains in Japan. You know, the female voice that announces: “The next station is Okayama”. Uh, helps if you’ve been to Tokyo…

Not only is my soccer movie quest going to the dogs, it’s going to the car as well.

3 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 3


  • Release Date: 2006
  • Not on IMDB
  • In Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Isao Saita