The Wrong Student (2017)

Just say No to ’The Wrong Student’ (2017)

The actress Vivica A. Fox has had 2 key roles that convey strength or a killer instinct (Independence Day and Kill Bill). She has leveraged these traits to produce a series of 14 “Wrong” movies for Lifetime TV, of which The Wrong Student is the 2nd film.

The story pits a beautiful but deranged Maddie against Kelly, an empowered businesswoman. Maddie (Evanne Friedmann) is an orphaned student who has the hots for Dominic (Jason Shane-Scott), her muscular high school soccer coach.

Maddie is dangerous because she is emancipated and accountable to no one; she has her own apartment, her own car, her own knife, and a strong sense of technology. Businesswoman Kelly (Jessica Morris) is raising her orphaned teenage niece, who is Maddie’s new teammate. Maddie sees the aunt as competition for Dominic — a competition Maddie is losing.

Wrong Wrong Wrong

The first third of the movie isn’t too bad, maybe because Director David DeCoteau honed his skills in gay porn films and knows how to start a gripping story. But after that point, the story spirals out of control. As in the Lifetime movie Lethal Soccer Mom, the evildoer is drop dead gorgeous, while the victims and police are tediously clueless.

When evil Maddie ups her game off the pitch, there are just too many wrong scenes, such as:

  • Maddie fakes an injury during practice, and Dominic carries her into the girls locker room. Right.
  • Maddie then tries to seduce Dominic in the girls shower. He doesn’t seem to understand he shouldn’t be there. Guess he missed the sexual misconduct training.
  • Later, Dominic is stupid enough to drive Maddie home from a party.
  • Dominic has his players increase their skills by coming to his pay-to-play weekend clinic.
  • Maddie frames her teammate for a murder and the police walk onto campus during lunch to take the girl in for questioning.
  • And it’s Interesting that struggling small business owner Kelly has newly moved into a $2M mansion

The only thing that really threw me was that I fully expected Maddie to confess that she had killed her parents by burning down their home, as did Debbie and her Malibu Barbie in Addams Family Values.

No soccer

There’s no real soccer in this movie. In one way, it’s a bit unfortunate that the success and sexiness of the USWNT has helped soccer become the most popular sport for American girls. Like the caricature soccer mom, a young female character is often depicted as being a soccer player. This is the last movie I am going to review that has just a passing association with soccer and has no other entertainment value. I’m sure you’re glad about that too.

4 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 4