‘Atlético San Pancho’ (2001) cows and Coca Cola

Atletico San Pancho (2001)

When a red Coca Cola soccer ball falls from the sky, the school janitor takes this as a sign that he must revive the soccer tradition of his village. With the help of a former pro who has come home to run his father’s tiny store, janitor Don Pepe assembles team Atlético San Pancho. The school team progresses to the Cocoa Cola Championship game, played in the Azteca stadium.

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‘Gracie’ (2007) – made by people who love the game

Gracie (2007)

Gracie is one of the few fictional movies where the director and producer work hard to make the soccer look authentic. It’s the story of a soccer-crazed family whose first born son dies in high school, so his younger sister Gracie tries to take his place on the boys’ soccer field. In the 1970s in New Jersey, that required invoking Title 9.

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‘Shaolin Family Soccer’ (2004) imitates Mrs. Doubtfire

Shaolin Family Soccer (2007)

Shaolin Family Soccer is a movie whose title tries to ride the coat tails of Steven Chow’s popular Shaolin Soccer.

One of the actors, Wong Yat Fei (aka Yut Fei Wong), is in both movies as a Shaolin monk who can head the ball with such force that he can rip the ball through the goal net, bloody the goalkeeper’s hands, etc. Hence he is named Iron Head in the first movie.

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