Lemons and Gems: Soccer Movies for Kids

All kids deserve to have a ball

Since soccer movies aren’t going to be blockbusters, they tend to go straight to DVD or online. Especially kids movies. Because they need something to watch in the car.

Often, kids soccer movies are made by first-time directors or writers. Sometimes the films are such lemons that the creators do not even list them on their websites or in IMDB.

Of the movies I’ve reviewed, about 10% are targeted for children. The majority of children’s futbol films have been pretty low quality. But in the last few years, a number of clever football feature film gems have brought good entertainment to kids as well as their parents.

Here is a list of soccer movies for little viewers. Soccer dog movies have their own list, but I have included them in this kids list as well. There are also some movies which include or are about children, but they are not appropriate for children to view. Those films are not in this list.

82010TeufelskickerGERSoccer + Parkour = very entertaining
82011WillENGLiverpool’s #1 fan goes to Istanbul for 2005 Champions League
82013UnderdogsARGFoosball players come to life in this great animated film
82016K-9 World CupMEXThe MexiCanines win the World Cup. Finally. Animated
82018Alex & MeUSAAn imaginary Alex Morgan befriends and coaches a girl who’s been cut from a team
82018Early ManENGClaymation cavemen play a soccer game to save their homeland
72018The FalconsISEKids embody Icelandic cultural values at a football tournament
61999Switching GoalsUSADavid Steinberg creates good family entertainment
62007Shaun the Sheep: Off the Baa!ENGClaymation animals play soccer. Clever.
62008Carlitos y el Campo de los SuenosESPSpanish orphan and his coach conquer all
51995The Big GreenUSALike a Twinkie, this Disney movie never gets old.
51999Soccer Dog: The MovieUSAThe first soccer dog movie + another orphan
52001Atlético San PanchoMEXMighty Ducks in a Mexican village
52001Air Bud: World CupUSASoccer puppies and players from the 1999 USWNT
52004Soccer Dog: European CupUSAStrange but funny. Chemically enhanced dog in Scotland helps a new dad.
52007Her Best MoveUSAThe stresses of California youth soccer. Includes Bay Area Cyberrays!
52018Fan of AmooryUAEWell-meaning propaganda from the UAE
42014On Angel’s WingsUSAA faith-based film that provides strange role models
32000Big Brother TroubleUSABad acting. Mario Lopez. What did you expect?
32007La Copa de los SueñosMEXMore ophans try to win a tournament in Tijuana
21999Home TeamUSASteve Guttenberg at his worst
22002Just 4 KicksUSASprouse twins follow in Olsen twins’ steps but make sexist anti-AYSO movie
22014Monkey in the MiddleCANA reason to hate Canada
12004Shaolin Family SoccerHKGSo awful I can’t describe it
12005Die Wilden Kerle 2GERGermany has big cultural differences from the USA