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Following are all the tag keywords used in SoccerMovieMom reviews. The tags R1 to R10 refer to SoccerMovieMom’s Rating on a scale of 1 to 10, where R10 is the best rating and R1 is the worst. Tags are also used to indicate country of origin, as well as a few actors and companies who have participated in 2 or more soccer movies. Movies can have multiple tags. The relative size of the fonts represents the number of movies so tagged.

Afghanistan (1)Africa (33)Amazon (6)AppleTV+ (2)Arab (4)Argentina (16)Arsenal (6)art film (5)Australia (8)Austria (2)Belgian (1)Black director (1)Bosnia (1)Brazil (23)Brian Cox (3)British (121)Canada (11)Chapecoense (3)Chelsea (2)Chile (7)Chinese (9)Coaching (23)Colm Meaney (2)Colombia (6)Coming of Age (3)Corruption (28)Costa Rica (1)COVID (6)Dago Garcia (2)Daniel Gordon (5)Dan Metcalfe (6)Danny Dyer (4)Denmark (5)Dogs (4)Dutch (3)Egypt (6)ESPN (13)Euros (3)fans (31)FC Barcelona (3)Female Footballers (53)FIFA (13)Finland (1)First-feature (71)French (17)Fulwell 73 (8)Gary Oldman (2)Gerard Butler (2)Gerard Depardieu (2)German (24)Greece (1)Greenland (1)HBOMax (10)Homeless (10)Honduras (1)hooligans (11)Horror (1)Hungary (1)Iceland (2)Indian (17)Indonesia (1)Iran (2)Irish (6)Italian (12)James Erskine (3)Japan (2)Jewish (7)Jordan (2)Kashmir (3)Korean (5)kung fu (5)Kurd (3)Lebanon (1)Leeds (3)LGBT (16)Lifetime (3)Liverpool (9)Malaysia (1)ManCity (1)ManU (10)Maradona (9)Mexican (14)Middle East (7)MLS (12)narco-futbol (4)Nepal (3)Netflix (15)Netherlands (2)Nollywood (1)Notes (28)No Trailer (28)Palestine (1)Pelé (6)Peru (3)Poland (2)Politics (31)Portugal (3)PSG (1)Pumas (1)Qatar (1)R1 (9)R2 (11)R3 (14)R4 (30)R5 (60)R6 (92)R7 (107)R8 (91)R9 (33)R10 (13)Racism (10)Reality Show (1)Red Bull (1)Referees (5)Refugees (4)Religious (7)Robert Duvall (2)Romanian (2)Russia (4)Scottish (7)Serbia (1)Series (35)Spain (15)Steve Guttenberg (2)Suisse (2)Swedish (5)Syria (1)Thailand (4)Tibet-Bhutan (2)Tottenham (3)Turkish (4)UAE (1)Ukraine (1)UPTV (2)Uruguay (3)USA (147)USWNT (3)Venezuela (1)Vietnam (1)Vinnie Jones (6)War (9)West Ham (6)women director (51)Year in Review (8)Zimbalist (3)